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Saturday 18th May 2024


What Date is the Weigh In? 

The Official Weigh in will be held at the Royal Yacht on Friday 17th May starting at 6.45pm. Entry is free and we encourage you to come down and cheer on your fighter for their face.

Can anyone just turn up? 

Yes, children are more than welcome to attend the weigh in but not the Main event on Sat 18th May.

Is the weigh-in Free 

Yes, so please turn up and show your support.


When will I receive my Ticket? 

Tickets will be issued through participants fighting 7 days prior to the event. Tickets are required for entry so please ensure you have obtained your ticket through the person you are watching.

What is the Dress Code? 

The Rock White Collar Boxing is a strict black tie event. Entry will be declined if the correct dress code is worn.

How do I order my Meal? 

Your participant who you are supporting will have an allocated Table organiser/person who will contact you to confirm your food choice.

What are the Meal Choices? 

Please go the Food & Drink Page to see the food selection choices.

How do I know what Table I am on? 

This will be confirmed 10 days prior to the Event. The Participant you will be supporting will confirm the Name of the Table you will be on.

How do I order Pre-Order my drinks? 

Please go the Food & Drinks Tab and if you have purchased your Ticket through your supporter then please select Yes, I secured my tickets and proceed to purchase your drinks.

How much are the drinks on the night? 

Please see the Bar Menu on the Food & Drinks page for the choices of drinks on offer on the evening.


Do I need a ticket to get in? 

Yes, Security will take your ticket and place a wrist band on you to access the Main Arena.

How do I know what table I will be seated on? 

Table Plans will be visible on the Big Screens in the Main Arena. Please ensure you know the Name of your Table which can be found out from the fighter you are supporting.

What time does the Event Start? 

Please arrive 4.00pm prompt so we can usher everyone through security and into the Main arena.

What time does the Event Finish? 

The event finishes at 11.00pm so please ensure transport is arranged for the event finishing.

What time is the Food Served? 

Food will be served approximately 5.15-5.30pm.

What time does the first fight start? 

The first fight of the evening will start at 7.40pm.

What time does the last fight start? 

The last fight will at 10.25pm

What if I need special assistance? 

Please contact us through the chat widget below to let us know if you need any special assistance or access in or out the facility on the evening.

What time should I arrange transport home? 

Please arrange transport for 11.00pm.

Can I sponsor a Fight or Fighter? 

Do you want Rob Jones to announce you or your Company just before the 1st Bell? If so get in touch to discuss our 1st Round Sponsor Packages.

Do you accept Cash? 

We encourage you to bring cash as we do have occasional issues with card terminal connection at Royal Jersey Showground.

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Copyright © 2023 TRF Boxing

All Rights Reserved.